Death by a thousand cuts

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May 2, case
election day. The environment received little attention from any party (Greens excepted) during the campaign, unhealthy
despite the realities of climate change and species extinction. The bur oak we have lost from our neighbourhood had hardy genes with proven resistence to climate extremes of over 180 years. It is a species well known for its drought tolerance, fire tolerance and resistance to pollution. We need these trees. While acorns and saplings planted from this tree will carry some of these qualities on, the particular genes of this giant are now gone. It was too late in the season to clone the tree with cuttings from the buds, the only way to actually reproduce these very old creatures in all their robustness. Now gone. Gone. Gone.

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    […] April 2011, despite protests, a magnificent bur oak met its death in Champlain Park so that a developer and the City of Ottawa could stay out of court. The […]

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