Protecting urban trees during construction: surprise! Ottawa can do better…

Today’s Ottawa Citizen chronicles the difficulties one Ottawa neighbourhood is having trying to protect a 60-year old street-front maple tree from bad construction practices. Turns out it’s very difficult to force developers and their sub-contractors to abide by the rules – even when the city is actually trying to save a tree, thumb and where the rules are reasonably clearly spelled out.

Read the sorry tale here.

The good news is that local awareness and action, combined with political pressure seems to be having some effect in this case. 

So now that Kent Kirkpatrick and our city Forestry staff are looking at the issue, they’d do well to study this much more thoughtful and intelligent approach used in Toronto, as documented by West Side Action blogger Eric Darwin:

Protecting Urban Trees during construction

Sadly, Ottawa isn’t there yet. But until we make some progress, in a neighbourhood like ours with so many beautiful healthy trees, neighbours please: help the City by keeping an eye out for this kind of abuse.

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