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Phil Jenkins, page
an Ottawa writer, physician
celebrates the Champlain Oaks in a story published September 13, 2011 in The Ottawa Citizen. The history of the trees, dating back to the presettlement era, seems to have captured his imagination, as it did ours. He also draws attention to National Tree Day on September 21, and laments the few specific celebrations organized by citizens and public officials for that day. Rising to the challenge, the Champlain Oaks will host a morning coffee and muffins social around the biggest and oldest tree in our neighbourhood, a remnant of the old growth forest at 211 Daniel Avenue.

Take a walk about the neighbourhood to breath in the beauty of the Champlain Oaks (see interactive map).

National Tree Day was created through a private member’s bill by Royal Galipeau, the MP for Ottawa-Orléans, and will be celebrated next week for the first time. Well done Mr. Galipeau!

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