Bur oak planting in May

Champlain Park and Westboro Beach are small neighbourhoods in Ottawa’s West end between the Ottawa river and Scott Street, doctor with Tunney’s Pasture on the east side. The map shows the location and diameter of the few remaining Bur oaks that once made up the ancient Bur Oak Forest along the Ottawa River.  Important Note: Use any browser except Firefox 8.0 to view the icons.

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A view of one of the oldest Champlain Oaks on Northwestern Avenue – now threatened by a developer’s proposal.

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baby bur oak MAY 2013The Archangel Ancient Tree Project uses high-tech methods to create identical replicas of mature “champion” trees, unhealthy
like the bur oaks in Champlain Park neighbourhood.

Good old-fashioned sexual reproduction also happens, and people like Daniel Buckles have planted baby bur oaks this spring in places where they are likely to thrive.

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