Damage to bur oak #2: what consequences?

At 251 Carleton Avenue,  an infill development has torn apart the roots of a bur oak.

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The Forestry Services staffer on site today had the following to say about this situation:

  1. The tree was noted during a Committee of Adjustment hearing and the developer agreed to “protect” the tree during excavation.
  2. Damage to the critical root zone is so significant that the tree has become  a danger  to workers on the site,  and Forestry Services may, therefore, recommend that the tree be destroyed (costs paid by the developer).

This is how the distinctive trees in Kitchissippi’s backyards are being destroyed–one by one.

Will Forestry Services issue a bylaw infraction based on this damage to a distinctive tree? Will it take the developer to court for not having protected the tree as set out in the Committee of Adjustment ruling that allowed him to proceed with his buildings?

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  1. Greg King
    Greg King October 21, 2015 at 6:19 pm | | Reply

    This is unbelievable! Two of less than 30 old growth bur oaks significantly damaged and one of them despite the developer agreeing to “protect” the tree. The photos don’t reveal much effort at protection! If we cant enforce the bylaws when it comes to these exceptional and one of a kind trees then when can we expect the city to act? These trees are treasures and seem to be getting picked off one by one…

  2. John Dunn
    John Dunn October 22, 2015 at 9:55 am | | Reply

    You have six months to privately prosecute this offence from the date of the offence if the City won’t do it go to a justice of the peace at the court house near algonquin college with your evidence, and with relevant offence provisions of the by-law that say it’s an offence and say you would like to lay an information regarding a by-law offence that the city is not prosecuting.

    The justice of the peace is not allowed to not take the information. They do not have to go ahead with a trial but if you have met each element of the offence with supporting evidence a summons should be issued.

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