If a tree falls…new video released

Carleton University students who have created a new video about tree protection in Kitchissippi are calling it If a tree falls.

The video features Daniel Buckles and Erin Topping (and children),  who are residents of Champlain Park. It also features Councillor Jeff Leiper.

Four 4th year journalism students at Carleton University created the video–and received an A from their professor for its professional quality. They are Amy Thatcher, Craig Lord, Owen Maxwell and Aishu Ravishankar. Good work!



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  1. Matt wallace
    Matt wallace February 3, 2016 at 8:38 am | | Reply

    It’s a very interesting video. I found a few of the shots misleading though. Sometimes trees do need to be removed, for example the ash at the beginning of the video and the later ash marked with the red X and the noticeable destruction to the bark from the emerald ash borer. I happen to be a local furniture builder who only works with locally felled urban trees. The trees we build with have all been removed from within the city limits and we only build with damaged or dead standing logs. We do our best to give these trees a second life, as opposed to being taken to the landfill. We’re also working with a resident of Champlain park, who’s walnut tree was killed by the digging of an infill lot. It’s terrible seeing these healthy trees killed by urban development.

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