BIG TREES of Kitchissippi wants councillors to reject update on tree by-law

When the City of Ottawa’s environment committee meets tomorrow, it will be looking at a staff report from two departments that citizens from BIG TREES of Kitchissippi are saying has to go back to the drawing board.

The Champlain Oaks is one of 10 groups and community associations that form BIG TREES,  and I have been quoted in a press release (PDF will load) being issued today. The BIG TREES group is asking the committee members to reject the report as presented based on it being “flawed and unprofessional.”

It is never good to only criticize, so BIG TREES reps from across Kitchissippi will be on hand at the meeting to advise councillors on how the report can be improved. Please judge for yourself whether improvements are required by taking a look at the update report (PDF will load). 

The Environment Committee meeting begins at 9:30 a.m. in the Champlain Room in the Heritage Building, next to the main City Hall via a raised passageway.


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  1. Nicole Parent
    Nicole Parent April 18, 2016 at 11:14 am | | Reply

    Good call. I am in complete agreement with BIG TREES of Kitchissippi.

    When this bylaw was applied by the City of Ottawa, there was a very steep learning curve and a difficult start to its implementation and enforcement. Several city departments were involved and required some time before all were on the same page. Residents of Ottawa showed patience throughout this period. Now more than five years later, the residents deserve an accurate and professional report that indicates how the bylaw has worked, whether it has met its true purpose and whether there are gaps and loopholes that remain. A true statistical analysis is part of this fact finding mission. Only then we will truly be able to determine if this bylaw is working properly as intended.

    Nicole Parent
    Past Chair of the Ottawa Forest and Greenspace Advisory Committee

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