Tree Action Now: New Website

Here is what you can do to get Tree Action Now.

This new website, sponsored by CAFES and others, brings together three strategic actions:

1. Use the Lost Trees of Ottawa site to map trees lost to natural or human causes, and share a photograph or personal memory of the lost tree. Also, share the map with your neighbours, friends and community groups in person, by email and on social media.\

2. If you agree with our recommendations to Amend the Bylaw, please call or write city politicians and staff to say so. 22 Community Associations, the University of Ottawa Biology Department and 7 environmental NGOS have already signed on. During the next term of Council changes to the bylaw will come to a vote. The more politicians hear the voices of citizens like you, the more likely they are to agree that these recommendations are crucial.

3. Ottawa is blessed with many active neighbourhood and virtual communities. Join one or more to contribute to the debate on why the loss Ottawa’s urban forest has reached crisis proportions, and should be high on the municipal election agenda.

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  1. Anthony
    Anthony August 4, 2018 at 6:53 am | | Reply

    The posting you made on Facebook in regards of the 2 Maple trees,
    The location is actually in Old Ottawa East.

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