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Tree Action Now: New Website

Here is what you can do to get Tree Action Now. This new website, sponsored by CAFES and others, brings together three strategic actions: 1. Use the Lost Trees of Ottawa site to map trees lost to natural or human causes, and share a photograph or personal memory of the lost tree. Also, share the map with your neighbours, friends and community groups… Read more →

Mapping the Lost Trees of Ottawa

Mapping the Lost Trees of Ottawa

Go to the Map. Residents of Ottawa have witnessed and lamented the loss of 50,000 ash trees on city property alone destroyed due to an impact of climate change: the steady northern advance of the Emerald Ash Borer. Untempered intensification in the urban core is destroying front and back yard trees and dramatically reducing space for new trees. Wind and ice storms have… Read more →

Calling all heritage trees

Calling all heritage trees

On the heels of September’s ceremony to honour heritage trees in Ottawa, Forests Ontario has confirmed that it can list more bur oaks from this neighbourhood in its provincial registry. The deadline for nominating a tree to Forests Ontario’s heritage tree program is December 31, 2017. Since I am already registered as a nominator with Forests Ontario, I can do… Read more →

Legacy Trees Carry on Forest Genes

Discovering the family story DNA can tell reminds us of just how diverse genetic roots can be in a human life. Farmers know that the genetic variations within wheat, corn, millets and other food plants hold the key to disease resistance and future food security. The same value comes from keeping forest genes going. The genes of the bur oaks honoured… Read more →

Planting day

Fostering Forest Succession in Champlain Park

The riverside forest bordering Champlain Park to the west of downtown Ottawa  is an integral part of the community experience. Residents and the Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA) have entered into an agreement with the National Capital Commission (NCC) to cooperate in the management of this small forested area between Pontiac Avenue and the Ottawa River Parkway. On Saturday, Sept 17,… Read more →

Heritage Trees and Collective Rights

Another giant bur oak has died today,  and a second is at grave risk. 231 Keyworth (video): Excavation at this site has damaged a healthy old growth bur oak 1.11 metres in diametre. This is a pre-confederation giant (ca. 1855) with genes going back to the time of the last ice age. This is an incredibly important genetic resource in a… Read more →

Urban Forest Management Plan and the current culture

Following is an open letter to the City of Ottawa regarding the launch of the Urban Forest Management Plan. Dear Martha, Thank you for organizing the launch of the Urban Tree Management Plan yesterday at Landsdowne. There are many positive features of the initiative,  and I will do what I can to support the process. I feel compelled to flag,… Read more →

Black day for trees on private property

Click here to see video: removal of black walnut September 17th was a black day for trees on private property. At 231 Daniel Avenue a majestic black walnut was destroyed against the wishes of the property owner by a reckless,  first-time developer and a City of Ottawa afraid of its own shadow. Here is the sequence of events. A young man… Read more →

When will enforcement start?

When will enforcement start?

The Municipal Trees and Natural Areas Protection Bylaw 2006-279 has been in place for 8 years. When the Champlain Oaks Project started in late 2010 we were told by the City’s Forestry Services that this and the Urban Tree Conservation Bylaw 2009-200 were primarly educational tools. Enforcement would come later, once property owners and contractors were aware of the By-laws… Read more →

Veteran Trees

Owen Clarkin is an Ottawa naturalist and longtime admirer of the craggy Bur Oak and other “veteran trees” such as Rock Elms and Bitternut Hickorys that once dotted the landscape along the Ottawa River. He will be joining us as a blogger shortly,  so watch for some interesting stories and photos to come. In the meantime, he has given me permission… Read more →