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Champlain Park and Westboro Beach are small neighbourhoods in Ottawa’s West end between the Ottawa river and Scott Street, with Tunney’s Pasture on the east side. The map shows the location and diameter of the  bur oaks that are direct descendants of a Bur Oak Forest along the Ottawa River.  Important Note: Use any browser except Firefox 8.0 to view the icons.

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Contact us by email at this address dbuckles [at] sas2 [dot] net.  Or call  613-859-8049, or 613-722-8048.

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  1. Hank Jones
    Hank Jones at | | Reply

    I coordinate a FB wherein people seek tree nut seed for propagation and for food. Might some of us local Canada Nutists come get some bur oak acorns from the Champlain Oaks this month? Cheers, Hank Jones, Coordinator, Canada Nutist

  2. Glenda Jones
    Glenda Jones at | | Reply

    We live in West Carleton off Upper Dwyer Hill Road, and have two bur oaks that would have survived the Great Fire. We were very conscientious when we built our home that the tree closest to the house was preserved in all its glory. We are grateful to have these beauties on our property, and are doing all we can to preserve them.
    I was appalled to see Oct. 27 Citizen report of the extensive damage developers have done to these giants. Inexcusable! If these trees had had heritage status, perhaps this wouldn’t have happened. But alas, history is less and less important, it would seem.

    1. Debra Huron
      Debra Huron at | | Reply

      Thank you for your comments. Heritage status for trees? yes, it happens in towns and cities all over the province of Ontario. But it will not happen in Ottawa because the city’s heritage department does not believe trees deserve to have heritage status. We talked to them for almost 2 years about this, went to meetings, provided them with rationale, etc. but the reply was: Nope!

  3. Toni Ellis
    Toni Ellis at | | Reply

    Hello everyone. I coordinate the Heritage Tree Program for Forests Ontario. This program recognizes important trees with significant social, cultural or historic significance. While this program does not provide legal protection outside of Toronto, it does confer some provincial glory. Trees recognized get a plaque, certificate and we can work with the community to create a high profile celebration event underscoring their significance. We would love to find a champlain oak – or more – the recognize in Sept during Forest Week. If you have a tree on our property that you would like to nominate, please get in touch with me and I’d be happy to discuss this a little more. Thank you!
    Toni Ellis, Forests Ontario.

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